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MedicApp (turnosMedicos) is an start up based on Vancouver (Canada) focus on health industry. Here you can find all the features that we have to offer and business opportunities


This software has everything you need to manage your walking clinic or private hospital. Sign up for new patients, appointments, medical records and integration with other systems. It will launch your business


Manage your appointments and reminders

It is free for patients. You can book appointments using our app

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Manage your agenda smartly

Doctors have access to their agenda and can assign appointments to patients and cancel them. They can see the medical records for their own patients

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Organize your work

Are you the owner of a small walking clinic? Contact us, we have all you need to manage many doctors at once

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All you need

Appointment management, medical records information, assistant access to agenda, remmember appointment by email, easy cancel and much more


Amazing design that fits all your devices

You can use this application in your personal computer, smartphone or tablet. You can access from anywhere around the world, you only need an internet access

Get more patients

You'll be on-line so new patients will know about you. More and better business for you

Help & Support

You have email support and get a reply between 24 hours*

Reminders and cancelation

Your patients will get an email as a reminder of the appointment. They can easyly cancel if they are not able to come

Tutorials really easy to follow

This software is so easy to use that will take you only a few minutes to get ready. We have video tutorials, user's guide and email support. In some cases, we can arrange a formal training for your team

You can check out our user's guide

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How it Works?

Doctors has an easy wizard to sign-up, fill in their medical fields, schedule and working ours and, of course, the insurance that they work with... we do the rest

Modern Design

A new look and feel, recently updated that looks great in every device


You will have access to updated reports to know about your business. Patients, insurances, appointments by day, week and month are also available

Book with one click

You can look for a doctor quickly by his/her available appointments


This app will show you how to reach your a appointment location from your current location

About our project

Our project has been acepted in

Innovar 2017

In 2017, our start up was selected to join a very important innovation program in Argentina (Innovar)


Argentinean technology contest

We worked really hard to implement this solution in our city hall in Buenos Aires



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You can become a partner in our start up. This project has a real potential to generate incomes. If you wish to know more, please contact us at

Juan Manuel Sirito

Hernan OlivieriVancouver, Canada

Founder and CEO, software engineer with a mastes in project management. He is living in Vancouver and take cares of software improvement and investor relationships. Focus on Canada market he likes to share his tech knowledge to other people

Juan Manuel SiritoBuenos Aires, Argentina

Software engineer with masters in business administration. He is living in Buenos Aires and takes care of south america customers needs


These are the prices for doctors. It is free for patients


$15 per Appointment

  • Appointments
  • Medical Records
  • 24 hs Email support


Cad$2 per Appointment

  • Appointments
  • Medical Records
  • 24 hs Email support

Other countries

USD2 per Appointment

  • Appointments
  • Medical Records
  • 24 hs Email support


$19 lifetime

  • Appointments
  • Medical Records
  • 24 hs Email support

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